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Take Two

"Take Two"

We Pinoys aren’t really the type of people to have one-offs–clothes that you wear once, and then completely forget about. Which is why when we feature clothes here, we’re also thinking about how else it can be worn–

Case in point, this Coco Republic long-sleeved button down we featured a few weeks back, when we went full citrus. This time, Mikoy is wearing it with the pair of chambray shorts we featured by the bay. (more…)




What we wear is a reflection of how we want other people to see us. And who better to dress us up or down than local brands who know what the local trends are… Local brands who know what kind of cuts and designs and materials would fit best with the Filipino crowd.

Naomi wears a dress from Plains & Prints, one of leading local brands when it comes clothes that are on the dressy side.


Citrus Summer

"Citrus Summer"

When Summer comes, you don’t fight the heat–you find ways to adapt. Or, at the very least, not look like you’re dying from the hot weather. It is, of course, better if you can find clothes that allows your body to breathe, while looking good.

Coco Republic offers clothes that are exactly that.

Mikoy is wearing one of their new arrivals, a linen button down with the (lately) popular gradient design. And in keeping with the Summer season, we’ve gone with the colors of citrus–orange, yellow (the Penshoppe pants), and green (the laces on the silver Sprint shoes).

Check out the whole look–


Balcony Belle

"Balcony Belle"

Summer weather means doing away with pants and heavy cotton materials. Latest Pinoy Threads collaborator Lyn Santiago opts for a breezy Kamiseta top with a pair of shorts to beat the season’s heat!




Initially, we were going for a patriotic angle with the red accents and the blue/yellow background. But do we need to? The red/black combo of the outfit, featuring Outkast Paradigm’s snakeskin pocket tee, don’t need no gimmick.


Fashion Week: Penshoppe, Spring/Summer 2014

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

We didn’t get good seats at Penshoppe’s Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show, so I don’t have a lot of good photos. I’m only posting the best of the lot here, the rest you can find at the Pinoy Threads tumblr page.

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

Penshoppe’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection can be divided into three parts: the preppy roses, the laid-back blues, and the greens with attitude.

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

I know that Penshoppe is geared towards the younger generation. It’s one of the reasons why I took to the brand back in high school, all the way to college. But the best thing about Penshoppe was the fact that it really has Filipino features in mind. And by Filipino, I mean everyone who lives in the Philippines, whether they be natives, mixed breeds, or pure imports. Penshoppe took all cultures in–and all ages. Because of Penshoppe’s more conservative fit, although it was geared towards the young, it wasn’t uncommon for the older generation to find a piece or two in their wardrobe.

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

Over the years though, as Filipinos became more experimental with fashion, the brand seems to have lost its mass appeal.

Although it catered to more styles and to a larger market, I can’t help but feel that Penshoppe lost something along the way. Quality being one of the easiest to pinpoint.

"Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2014"

But I hardly think that Penshoppe is done tinkering with their brand. I just hope that when the dust settles, Penshoppe will rise a better brand because of all the experimentation they’ve been doing.