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Take Two

"Take Two"

We Pinoys aren’t really the type of people to have one-offs–clothes that you wear once, and then completely forget about. Which is why when we feature clothes here, we’re also thinking about how else it can be worn–

Case in point, this Coco Republic long-sleeved button down we featured a few weeks back, when we went full citrus. This time, Mikoy is wearing it with the pair of chambray shorts we featured by the bay. (more…)


In Review

"In Review"

Suit jackets on top of casual outfits can make you look more put together without much effort! The key though is to have attitude. Clothes can only go so far in dressing you–it’s still important that when you dress a part, you also act the part.

Thank you for spending time with us this 2013! You’ll see more of us in 2014!




Don’t be afraid to stand out! Pair bright colors with muted tones to get people to focus where you want them to.

See more of Hiro by clicking here.

Lookbook: Changing Seasons

People might say that this is a douche move, but I do want to show off something I’ve been working hard on: my arms!

"Changing Seasons"

Workouts are great for the health, yes. But most of us gym goers would be lying if we say that we only do it for fitness purposes. Most of us do it to look good. So there’s nothing wrong with a little showing off, right?

So for this outfit, I’ve picked a tank top (or an athletic shirt, if you like that term better) from Uniqlo to go with a trusty pair of Penshoppe denims. To add a bit of color (and personality) to the look, I took the shades of purple socks out of the drawer again, along with the snapback from a couple of looks back, and one of my trusty UniSilver Time watches.

I know I still need to work on the arms. But progress is progress. And I just wanted to share what I’ve achieved so far. Do you want to judge the definition I attained so far? Check out the other pics–


Lookbook: Casual Friday

"Casual Friday"

Camo’s very in right now, and everyone seems to be wearing it!

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a fan of camo. But everything has to be done in moderation–especially in clothes. So for this look, we’re keeping the camo small, but still close to my heart–through the breast pocket. The shirt I’m wearing is from Mick + Marty, a brand that’s exclusively found on online store Zalora.PH; while the jeans are Bobson Originals. The cap I’m wearing here is from Penshoppe–as is the belt I’m wearing that you can’t see in any of the photos. The shoes are Janoskis from Nike SB, the socks are from Uniqlo, and because I like know what time it is–I capped the whole outfit with a watch from UniSilver Time.


After Work

"After Work"

Sorry for disappearing on you guys.

No, Teejay isn’t the one writing this, since this is a leftover look from a previous shoot. Back when the outfits were mostly my idea. Like this one. So it would only make sense that I be the one to explain this, right?

Anyway. The look is business casual, and the centerpiece was supposed to be the white shirt from Timothy Scotch. Except we didn’t exactly achieve the focus we wanted to give the shirt. Not making an excuse here, just stating a fact: we’re not professional stylists. We’re bound to make mistakes here. And we’re hoping you would be able to help us out as well.

So, ingredients to this look: the aforementioned Timothy Scotch button-down (which is really comfy and cool, according to Teejay), a pair of green chinos from Uniqlo, boots from Timberland–and the accessories, save the for the UniTime Silver watch Teejay is sporting, were all bought at the SM Department Store: that’s the aviators, the tie, and the belt that you can barely see. The whole look comes up at around a couple of thousand bucks.

Now, before I leave you to the rest of the pictures, I’m leaving a call for participation. You guys may have noticed that it’s predominantly Teejay you’re seeing in this blog. And while we’re setting the blog up to give Teejay his own page, the Pinoy Threads motto is still to promote affordable fashion pieces made locally–for men and women. So we’re looking for people who want to be featured on the blog: as fellow fashion bloggers, or as new members of the Pinoy Threads team. Send me an e-mail to pinoythreads(at)yahoo.com!

On to the pictures!


Lookbook: Like a Good Soldier

"Good Soldier"

Attention! I’m about to share a secret–

If you’re working out and you want people to notice–wear shirts that are a size smaller than you normally wear. No, I’m not saying you should wear a smaller size–just a size smaller than your usual clothes. That would definitely make people notice your physique.

As those of you following me on Instagram (and my other online accounts) know, I’ve been working out. Now, it’s time to show how far the arms are going along.