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Take Two

"Take Two"

We Pinoys aren’t really the type of people to have one-offs–clothes that you wear once, and then completely forget about. Which is why when we feature clothes here, we’re also thinking about how else it can be worn–

Case in point, this Coco Republic long-sleeved button down we featured a few weeks back, when we went full citrus. This time, Mikoy is wearing it with the pair of chambray shorts we featured by the bay. (more…)


Be Your Valentino

"Be Your Valentino"

Cooler climates mean more opportunities to cuddle with someone you’re into. Don’t be afraid to play the part of a Valentino–or to play with colors with the clothes you’re wearing!


Holidays 2013

"Holidays 2013"

The holidays are here–and with the colder climate comes the opportunity to do a bit more dressing up!



Pinoy Threads welcomes the newest addition to our growing team: Hiro Peralta.


Hiro wears a Don’t Blame the Kids pocket tee under an olive-green long-sleeved shirt from Maldita Man. The pants are from Cotton On.


After Work

"After Work"

Sorry for disappearing on you guys.

No, Teejay isn’t the one writing this, since this is a leftover look from a previous shoot. Back when the outfits were mostly my idea. Like this one. So it would only make sense that I be the one to explain this, right?

Anyway. The look is business casual, and the centerpiece was supposed to be the white shirt from Timothy Scotch. Except we didn’t exactly achieve the focus we wanted to give the shirt. Not making an excuse here, just stating a fact: we’re not professional stylists. We’re bound to make mistakes here. And we’re hoping you would be able to help us out as well.

So, ingredients to this look: the aforementioned Timothy Scotch button-down (which is really comfy and cool, according to Teejay), a pair of green chinos from Uniqlo, boots from Timberland–and the accessories, save the for the UniTime Silver watch Teejay is sporting, were all bought at the SM Department Store: that’s the aviators, the tie, and the belt that you can barely see. The whole look comes up at around a couple of thousand bucks.

Now, before I leave you to the rest of the pictures, I’m leaving a call for participation. You guys may have noticed that it’s predominantly Teejay you’re seeing in this blog. And while we’re setting the blog up to give Teejay his own page, the Pinoy Threads motto is still to promote affordable fashion pieces made locally–for men and women. So we’re looking for people who want to be featured on the blog: as fellow fashion bloggers, or as new members of the Pinoy Threads team. Send me an e-mail to pinoythreads(at)yahoo.com!

On to the pictures!


Taking the Day

"Taking the Day"

The weather seems to be having fun with us Filipinos. Yesterday started out with the sun out in its full glory. And then, by afternoon’s time, the rain came crashing down. Sure, it wasn’t a long downpour, but for those unlucky few who were caught unawares…

Today’s outfit is a mix of our summer shorts with a hoodied shirt and a pair boat shoes. Why this mix? Well, since the weather still hasn’t decided if it’s going with rainy or sunny, we’ve gone and tried to hit both with what to wear.

Hoodies paired with shorts isn’t a new thing. It just so happens that it fits today’s very unpredictable weather. As for why we’re pairing it with boat shoes, it’s mostly because it completes the look best. Upside, when rain does come, we don’t have to deal with squishy wet socks.


Varsity Hues

"Varsity Hues"

It’s back to school, and back to the rainy season!

Varsity jackets have become a bit of a staple recently, and we doubt if that’s going away anytime soon. After all, school is very much still a thing for our generation. Which is why we’re making it the centerpiece to this week’s outfit post!

In this get-up, we have Teejay back in the Timothy Scotch button-down with a pair jeans. And working with the earth colors of the Penshoppe jacket, we completed the look with Mario D’Boro’s brown porma shoes, and a duffel bag from Penshoppe. This isn’t a look for everyone though. It takes a lot of attitude to make this work, as this look is more associated to jocks: athletes and gym buffs.