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Make an Impression

"Make an Impression"

Nothing makes an impression more than bold prints–and nothing’s more timeless than Aztec-inspired designs that, well, says you’re fine with standing out in a crowd.

For this back to school post, Jeremy is wearing a couple of things bought from Zalora Philippines–the v-neck and the colored chinos. His canvas shoes are from a boutique in Greenhills, and the steel leaf accessory is a necklace from the collection of Outkast Paradigm.

"Make an Impression"

"Make an Impression"

What we’re focusing on here though is the rucksack from Time-Lined.

A rucksack is a bag where you can throw anything in, and still be sure that you have space for more. Which is why it’s important that a rucksack be dependable and of quality-make.

"Make an Impression"

Time-Lined’s bags seem to be that way. The materials are sturdy. But we do have a problem with the actual make. This particular bag seems to have missed the mark in the sewing of one of the leather straps. But we don’t blame Time-Lined so much as we do ourselves for not checking the bag after receiving it. (That’s a lesson in shopping. Always check what you’ve bought so you can have it replaced if it’s not to your liking–or if there’s a defect.)

"Make an Impression"

"Make an Impression"

"Make an Impression"

Knitted V-Neck: Collection.com (Zalora.PH); Colored Pants: Charlie (Zalora.PH); Shoes: Spunk (Greenhills Shopping Center); Steel Leaf Accessory: Outkast Paradigm; Rucksack: Time-Lined.

Jeremy Zafra works for a customer-oriented company based in Ortigas.

Art Direction: Mikoy Custoya.

Photographer: Jason John Lim.


Citrus Summer

"Citrus Summer"

When Summer comes, you don’t fight the heat–you find ways to adapt. Or, at the very least, not look like you’re dying from the hot weather. It is, of course, better if you can find clothes that allows your body to breathe, while looking good.

Coco Republic offers clothes that are exactly that.

Mikoy is wearing one of their new arrivals, a linen button down with the (lately) popular gradient design. And in keeping with the Summer season, we’ve gone with the colors of citrus–orange, yellow (the Penshoppe pants), and green (the laces on the silver Sprint shoes).

Check out the whole look–


Merry Christmas!

"Merry Christmas"

Have a very merry Christmas, one and all!

Spring Cleaning

"Spring Cleaning"

Christmas is still around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be ready for Spring! We hear denim’s making a comeback, and so are blocks of colors! Are you ready for a new season of fashion?

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Holidays 2013

"Holidays 2013"

The holidays are here–and with the colder climate comes the opportunity to do a bit more dressing up!


Urban Fun

"Urban Fun"

Not a shoot for Pinoy Threads. Only Pinoy item here is the Folded & Hung pants.

"Urban Fun"