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Embracing Summer

"Embracing Summer"

Just because you’re heading for a swim doesn’t mean you automatically have to be in your bathing suit… Or that you have to be covered by an over-sized tee.

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

For a day out under the sun, Naomi is decked out in a Penshoppe button-down tied mid-riff, over a pair of walking shorts we’ve featured last year. It’s an outfit that’s easy to whip off to reveal a bathing suit underneath once you’re ready to swim, or an outfit you can wear while lounging with friends, or for going to beach parties.

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

What about you, guys? What’s your standard beach look?

Button-down Top: Penshoppe; Walking Shorts: Landmark Department Store.

Naomi Pitargue is currently a graduate student in the University of the Philippines, taking up her Master’s Degree in Education.

Photographer: Jihan Estrella.


Icy Summer

"Icy Summer"

You must be getting tired of how we keep bemoaning the fact that it’s hot. Well, we did something about it. We went ice skating. In SM Megamall. No, we didn’t travel back in time. Yes, there’s a new skating rink. It’s in the fifth floor of the mall’s new building. And no, SM did not pay us to write about the new skating rink.

It’s just how we’re introducing our piece for the day. I say piece because we’re just highlighting Penshoppe’s sweater in this post.


Summer’s Cool

"Summer's Cool"

How are you handling the heat this Summer?

After an unusually late cold front earlier this year, the heat is back with a vengeance! So we’re putting the layers back in the drawers and busting out the tees and jeans!




What we wear is a reflection of how we want other people to see us. And who better to dress us up or down than local brands who know what the local trends are… Local brands who know what kind of cuts and designs and materials would fit best with the Filipino crowd.

Naomi wears a dress from Plains & Prints, one of leading local brands when it comes clothes that are on the dressy side.


Balcony Belle

"Balcony Belle"

Summer weather means doing away with pants and heavy cotton materials. Latest Pinoy Threads collaborator Lyn Santiago opts for a breezy Kamiseta top with a pair of shorts to beat the season’s heat!


Black and Gold

"Black and Gold"

Who says you can’t wear black on a sunny day?

For a lunch out with friends, Ceres chose to go the sophisticated route with her grown up lace top from What a Girl Wants. You don’t know the brand? Maybe you’ll remember it when we call it W.A.G.W. instead.

Yes, that’s the one.

To complete the grown-up ensemble, Ceres partnered her top with sleek gray slacks which she bought from a tiangge*, heels she bought from People Are People, and accessories from Crossings and Forever 21.

For the whole look…


In the Navy

"In the Navy"

And we have our first outfit post for 2014! Yay! We’re starting with Naomi this time around, so hopefully this is a sign that we’ll have a more gender-balanced year here at Pinoy Threads.

“In the Navy” does not pertain to the naval military unit, by the way. Just that the stripes on the top are navy, and it’s the first thing from the outfit that will grab your attention.