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Embracing Summer

"Embracing Summer"

Just because you’re heading for a swim doesn’t mean you automatically have to be in your bathing suit… Or that you have to be covered by an over-sized tee.

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

For a day out under the sun, Naomi is decked out in a Penshoppe button-down tied mid-riff, over a pair of walking shorts we’ve featured last year. It’s an outfit that’s easy to whip off to reveal a bathing suit underneath once you’re ready to swim, or an outfit you can wear while lounging with friends, or for going to beach parties.

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

"Embracing Summer"

What about you, guys? What’s your standard beach look?

Button-down Top: Penshoppe; Walking Shorts: Landmark Department Store.

Naomi Pitargue is currently a graduate student in the University of the Philippines, taking up her Master’s Degree in Education.

Photographer: Jihan Estrella.


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