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Take Two

"Take Two"

We Pinoys aren’t really the type of people to have one-offs–clothes that you wear once, and then completely forget about. Which is why when we feature clothes here, we’re also thinking about how else it can be worn–

Case in point, this Coco Republic long-sleeved button down we featured a few weeks back, when we went full citrus. This time, Mikoy is wearing it with the pair of chambray shorts we featured by the bay."Take Two"Pinoy-branded clothes are not just awesome because they’re made with our tempestuous weather in mind. They’re also awesome because they are not held back by seasons–they’re designed with optimum usability in mind."Take Two""Take Two""Take Two""Take Two"Fashion should never be about just looking good–it should always be comfortable, and reusable.

Button Down: Coco Republic; Chambray Shorts: Penshoppe; Boots: 21 Men; Belt: Erb and Chet.

Mikoy Custoya is a visual artist for a Makati-based agency.

Photographers: Jihan Estrella and Jason John Lim.


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