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Icy Summer

"Icy Summer"

You must be getting tired of how we keep bemoaning the fact that it’s hot. Well, we did something about it. We went ice skating. In SM Megamall. No, we didn’t travel back in time. Yes, there’s a new skating rink. It’s in the fifth floor of the mall’s new building. And no, SM did not pay us to write about the new skating rink.

It’s just how we’re introducing our piece for the day. I say piece because we’re just highlighting Penshoppe’s sweater in this post.

"Icy Summer"

Ceres is defying death while wearing a men’s sweater from Penshoppe’s Spring/Summer collection. That’s not a typo. The sweater really does come from the Spring/Summer collection of the clothing line. But, as we’ve established before, Penshoppe employs light-weight material that’s perfect for the Philippine weather.

Of course, we still advise against wearing the sweater under the scorching heat. We wouldn’t want you to get a heat stroke. But it is perfect as the final piece of a skating ensemble–keeping you cozy, while reminding you with its design that it is still Summer.

"Icy Summer"

"Icy Summer"

"Icy Summer"

Sweater: Penshoppe; Pants: Zara; Skate Shoes: Rentals from SM Ice Skating.

Ceres Helga Barrios is a writer for a local television network.

Photographer: Jason John Lim.


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