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Bound for Water

"Bound for Water"

It’s Summer. Still. As you can probably tell by the pool of sweat under your chair. So we thought, why not post an outfit that’s fit for the weather?

"Bound for Water"

Jeremy is wearing a tank top from Mint…a local brand I can’t believe we’ve never featured before. Their designs are less mainstream than, say, Bench, but they’ve already carving a niche market in today’s fashion industry.

I guess we could’ve picked something other than a tank top to introduce Mint with in our blog, but hey–the warm weather demands clothes that won’t actually make you faint from heat stroke. Like the pair of walking shorts we partnered the top with–from Penshoppe–and, which can double as swim shorts.

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

"Bound for Water"

We’re bound for water with this outfit. And we’d like to know what you’d wear on when you’re heading for a swim.

Tank Top: Mint; Walking Shorts: Penshoppe; Shoes: Spunk (Greenhills Shopping Center).

Jeremy Zafra works for a customer-oriented company based in Ortigas.

Photographer: Jason John Lim.


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