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Alpha Beat

"Alpha Beat"

Over the past few years, skater fashion has slowly been slipping into mainstream street style. And it’s not surprising, is it? Fashion has a way of integrating things that are comfortable into things we’d want to wear–things that can make us look good.

That’s what happened with skater wear. Light-weight button downs with unconventional prints are taking the streets. And with new brands popping up, it looks like the trend is staying a while.

"Alpha Beat"

We discovered AMS Shirts through Andrew Baler, one of the fashion bloggers we follow on Tumblr. He posted a few of their shirts, and we thought it would be awesome if we could get our hands on one of them. And we did. So here it is, with Pinoy Threads collaborator Hiro Peralta.

"Alpha Beat"

"Alpha Beat"

The material AMS Shirts uses is breathable cotton. Which reads high-faluting, until you actually wear the shirt and realize what it means. This material makes this shirt, as well as the other designs AMS Shirts carry, perfect for the tropical weather of the Philippines.

AMS Shirts also carry snapbacks, and are going to start carrying trainers as well. If you’re interested, why don’t you head on to their Facebook page to see their wares?

"Alpha Beat"

"Alpha Beat"

"Alpha Beat"

"Alpha Beat"

"Alpha Beat"

Short-Sleeved Button Down Shirt: AMS Shirts; Pants: Cotton On; Braided Bracelet: Folded & Hung; Sneakers: Nike.

Hiro Peralta is a mainstay co-host on Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, which airs late Saturday nights on GMA-7.

Photographers: Naomi Pitargue and Jason John Lim.


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