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Sprinto launches new ambassadors, opens first store kiosk in the Philippines


Teejay Marquez attends the kiosk opening, and meet-and-greet event for endorsers Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband.

Sprinto recently launched their Countdown to Summer campaign with a meet and greet event for new brand ambassadors Allison Harvard (of America’s Next Top Model) and Phil Younghusband. And Pinoy Threads had the chance to talk to Pawlo Misolas, Sprinto’s brand manager in the Philippines, during the event to talk about the brand and the niche they’re carving in the Filipino market.

The brand originated in Hong Kong, and it has branches in Dubai and Singapore; but Sprinto has been present in the Philippine market for a good long while now.

“We live in a tropical country,” brand manager Pawlo Misolas explains of the brand’s presence in the Philippines. “We really thought that this is what the Filipinos need.”


A guest asks the Sprinto personnel about the brand’s eyewear.

Filipinos love to use sunglasses as an accessory, to look good. But, Misolas adds, “they’re not really aware of the real function of the sunglasses. It’s to protect the eyes.

“And that’s what we have in Sprinto.”

With the advent of globalization, more and more Filipinos are becoming conscious with how they present themselves–in real life and online. We have Lookbook, Instagram, and fashion blogs aplenty, detailing the clothes we wear and the accessories we use.

But Filipinos don’t have disposable income. To look good, we don’t think twice about buying cheaper alternatives.

“Yes, it can be fashionable. But,” Misolas warns, “instead of protecting your eyes, it can actually damage it.”

This is where Sprinto’s vision for the Filipino market comes in. By providing fashionable eyewear that can also do its job: protect your eyes.

“We make sure that all our sunglasses have the features needed [to do so.]” Included in Sprinto’s range of eyewear are those that feature polarized lenses, polycarbonated ones, and others.

No, the brands line of eyewear isn’t exactly cheap. But it doesn’t break the bank either. “We made sure [of that].” Misolas adds, “we like to target the mid-range market–and, if you notice, our price ranges from one thousand to three thousand pesos.”

And you get more than you pay for.


Rivermaya’s band members posed with their Sprinto eyewear.

Misolas shares that the brand uses the same materials that high-end brands do in their products–for less the price. And this is one of the reasons why Sprinto users, which include local celebrities Teejay Marquez, Rivermaya, and the likes, believe in the product.

“They’ve been supportive of our brand,” Misolas shares. “When we show them the features, the collections, and the price? They fall in love.”

Sprinto is now gearing up to expand their market. One of the first steps is getting the right ambassadors to represent their products. And they found the qualities they’re looking for in Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband.


Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband are Sprinto’s newest endorsers.

“Allison is very much associated [to the fashion world], and Phil with sports.” Misolas explains that the brand’s goal is to show how versatile their products are–and, more importantly, how it can be fashionable while serving its purpose.

But, Misolas doesn’t deny that there’s another reason for getting Allison Harvard to represent the brand. “We want to introduce [ourselves as] an international brand.”

So why do the launch in the Philippines? Misolas admits that the brand has a dream specifically for the Filipino market–

“Sprinto’s dream is for us, Filipinos, not to only wear or buy sunglasses because they look good–but for us to start taking care of our eyes. And you can have both with Sprinto: the ability to protect your eyes, and still look fashionable.”


Endorsers Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband pose with Sprinto representatives.

Sprinto is available in stores specializing in eyewear. Their first store kiosk in the Philippines is located at the 4th Floor of SM The Block. — Text and Photos by Jason John Lim.


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