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Black and Gold

"Black and Gold"

Who says you can’t wear black on a sunny day?

For a lunch out with friends, Ceres chose to go the sophisticated route with her grown up lace top from What a Girl Wants. You don’t know the brand? Maybe you’ll remember it when we call it W.A.G.W. instead.

Yes, that’s the one.

To complete the grown-up ensemble, Ceres partnered her top with sleek gray slacks which she bought from a tiangge*, heels she bought from People Are People, and accessories from Crossings and Forever 21.

For the whole look…

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

"Black and Gold"

Lace Top: What a Girl Wants; Slacks: Market! Market! Tiangge; Heels: Syrup; Accessories: Cole Vintage and Forever 21.

* To the uninformed, a tiangge is like a pop-up store, except it’s more-or-less a permanent fixture.

Ceres Helga Barrios is a television writer for ABS-CBN with a background in theater.

Photographers: Naomi Pitargue, Jihan Estrella, and Jason John Lim.


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