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Lookbook: Changing Seasons

People might say that this is a douche move, but I do want to show off something I’ve been working hard on: my arms!

"Changing Seasons"

Workouts are great for the health, yes. But most of us gym goers would be lying if we say that we only do it for fitness purposes. Most of us do it to look good. So there’s nothing wrong with a little showing off, right?

So for this outfit, I’ve picked a tank top (or an athletic shirt, if you like that term better) from Uniqlo to go with a trusty pair of Penshoppe denims. To add a bit of color (and personality) to the look, I took the shades of purple socks out of the drawer again, along with the snapback from a couple of looks back, and one of my trusty UniSilver Time watches.

I know I still need to work on the arms. But progress is progress. And I just wanted to share what I’ve achieved so far. Do you want to judge the definition I attained so far? Check out the other pics–

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

Teejay Marquez is ringing in his birthday this weekend on Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. You can also see him soon in theaters with the film Chasing Boulevards, where he stars alongside Kiko Estrada and Kim Rodriguez.

Photos by Jason John Lim.


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