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Lookbook: Like a Good Soldier

"Good Soldier"

Attention! I’m about to share a secret–

If you’re working out and you want people to notice–wear shirts that are a size smaller than you normally wear. No, I’m not saying you should wear a smaller size–just a size smaller than your usual clothes. That would definitely make people notice your physique.

As those of you following me on Instagram (and my other online accounts) know, I’ve been working out. Now, it’s time to show how far the arms are going along.

"Good Soldier"

"Good Soldier"

In this photo set, I’m wearing a military green polo shirt and khaki pants with a camo detail, both from Penshoppe. Socks are from Uniqlo, shoes are Janoskis from Nike, and the sling bag is from Human. The watch is a classic piece from UniSilver Time.

"Good Soldier"

"Good Soldier"

Number one priority whenever buying clothes is to check the fit. When you feel comfortable, you look comfortable–and that’s a better look on someone, than a stylish combo that looks like it’s killing you.

So always remember: fit the clothes you’re buying. And be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

"Good Soldier"

"Good Soldier"


One response

  1. I like that one, so fashionable but not over.Thanks for that sharing dude.

    August 23, 2013 at 5:54 pm

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