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Lookbook: The Hipster

"The Hipster"

“Hipster,” by definition is a person who follows the latest trends and fashion. Wikipedia has a longer definition that makes hipsters sound way cooler, so you can check that out too. Here in the Philippines though, hipsters bring to mind the image of someone in suspenders, cropped pants, and square-framed glasses.

Sounds familiar? It sounds like Nathan from Tween Hearts, doesn’t it? Except, hipsters are definitely way cooler than he is. Which is why we’ve married the two images together–with me, Teejay, as the common denominator.

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

We went through a number of local shops to create this look, while keeping the vision of Pinoy Threads intact. What we came up with is a mixture of local brands and brands that are being sold locally.

The main pieces: the button-down and the denim jeans both come from the sale pile of Penshoppe; the socks are from Uniqlo (Thank you, again, for inviting me to the opening of your SM Fairview branch!); and the shoes are from Call It Spring.

And to complete the “hipster” look, we got this snap-back with the floral design from Folded & Hung, and combed through SM Accessories for the square-framed glasses and suspenders.

"The Hipster"

"The Hipster"

What do you guys think? Were we able to get the hipster look right?

Teejay Marquez is a Filipino model-actor who has appeared in television programs such as Tween Hearts, Time of My Life, Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, and Home Sweet Home. He regularly appears as a host and performer on Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, which airs just before each Saturday ends on GMA-7.


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