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Lookbook: Like a Good Soldier

"Good Soldier"

Attention! I’m about to share a secret–

If you’re working out and you want people to notice–wear shirts that are a size smaller than you normally wear. No, I’m not saying you should wear a smaller size–just a size smaller than your usual clothes. That would definitely make people notice your physique.

As those of you following me on Instagram (and my other online accounts) know, I’ve been working out. Now, it’s time to show how far the arms are going along.



Lookbook: Urban Jungle

"Urban Jungle"


Hoodie alert! We found this very comfortable camouflage hoodie at SM Department Store for cheap. And it’s not even on sale!


The main focus of this outfit is really the hoodie, but since we’re in the Philippines and you never know when it’s going to be too hot to wear said hoodie, might as well be prepared to look good even without it. Right? Right. So check out the whole look!

No Breaks, No Sleep Tonight

"Walang Tulugan 001"

Being a part of an ensemble anything, it takes effort to stand out. But it’s an even bigger challenge to stand out while not going overboard.

At last night’s Walang Tulugan episode, I took to the stage wearing a top from People Are People, pants and shoes from Penshoppe, broken apart by a camo belt from 21 Men. Big thanks to UniSilver Time for the watch that completed my look.

Teejay Marquez is a Filipino model-actor who has appeared in television programs such as Tween Hearts, Time of My Life, Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, and Home Sweet Home. He regularly appears as a host and performer on Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, which airs just before each Saturday ends on GMA-7.

Lookbook: The Hipster

"The Hipster"

“Hipster,” by definition is a person who follows the latest trends and fashion. Wikipedia has a longer definition that makes hipsters sound way cooler, so you can check that out too. Here in the Philippines though, hipsters bring to mind the image of someone in suspenders, cropped pants, and square-framed glasses.

Sounds familiar? It sounds like Nathan from Tween Hearts, doesn’t it? Except, hipsters are definitely way cooler than he is. Which is why we’ve married the two images together–with me, Teejay, as the common denominator.