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Taking the Day

"Taking the Day"

The weather seems to be having fun with us Filipinos. Yesterday started out with the sun out in its full glory. And then, by afternoon’s time, the rain came crashing down. Sure, it wasn’t a long downpour, but for those unlucky few who were caught unawares…

Today’s outfit is a mix of our summer shorts with a hoodied shirt and a pair boat shoes. Why this mix? Well, since the weather still hasn’t decided if it’s going with rainy or sunny, we’ve gone and tried to hit both with what to wear.

Hoodies paired with shorts isn’t a new thing. It just so happens that it fits today’s very unpredictable weather. As for why we’re pairing it with boat shoes, it’s mostly because it completes the look best. Upside, when rain does come, we don’t have to deal with squishy wet socks.