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Varsity Hues

"Varsity Hues"

It’s back to school, and back to the rainy season!

Varsity jackets have become a bit of a staple recently, and we doubt if that’s going away anytime soon. After all, school is very much still a thing for our generation. Which is why we’re making it the centerpiece to this week’s outfit post!

In this get-up, we have Teejay back in the Timothy Scotch button-down with a pair jeans. And working with the earth colors of the Penshoppe jacket, we completed the look with Mario D’Boro’s brown porma shoes, and a duffel bag from Penshoppe. This isn’t a look for everyone though. It takes a lot of attitude to make this work, as this look is more associated to jocks: athletes and gym buffs.



In Case it Rains

"In Case it Rains"

During the rainy season in the Philippines, picking clothes is always a dilemma. Are we in for a warm day? Or should we expect heavy rain fall?

That’s why, today, we’re bring back the orange capri pants. In case it floods. And a breezy tee for in case it gets too warm. To unconventionally cap the outfit, we went with blue snakeskin loafers from Mario D’Boro that’s easy to slip off and carry… in case it floods.

You read right. We mention floods. Twice. Storm season has begun here in the Philippines, and in Metro Manila, it’s always safer to assume that it’s going to flood when you’re picking out what to wear.


Wrinkled in Time

"Wrinkled in Time"

Teejay made quite a mark on local television two years ago when he joined the then-growing cast of Tween Hearts as Nathan, the resident nerd of the group. With this look, we played with the idea of aging Nathan a few years–what would he look like as a graduating college student? Or, you know, as an office person?

Also, The Man of Steel is coming out in local theaters tomorrow. Might as well have a Clark Kent-inspired outfit, yes?

Here’s Teejay in a shirt from Timothy Scotch, chinos from Memo, and a pair of shoes from Mario D’Boro. The belt is from Regatta, and the glasses are non-prescription and was bought at SM Department Store.


Back to School

"Back to School"

School’s back in session, and we here at Pinoy Threads are excited about this new Pinoy brand we found online: Timothy Scotch!

This is not a paid endorsement. We stumbled upon the brand when they hosted a giveaway last May; and liking their collection, we shelled out money for a couple of shirts. This is the first one–the Red Navy.

Because of the school theme, we partnered the plaid shirt with a graphic tee from the SM Department Store, and a pair of jeans. It’s kind of a default look for college guys.

If you like the shirt and would like to see more, check out the Timothy Scotch website.

And tell us what you think of this look we put together! Sound off on the comments section after the photos!