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Prep Dude

"Prep Dude"

Yikes! May’s almost done and we haven’t done a proper update. Life’s a bit hectic for everyone right now; though, truth be told, it’s always been hectic. If we waited for time to free up for most everyone, this blog would never have gotten started. But let’s not dwell on that, and get back to what this blog about–local fashion!

Granted, I don’t really know how local Mick + Marty is. All attempts at locating their home base has so far yielded no results.

In this set of photos, Teejay is sporting an aztec print polo-shirt from Mick + Marty, with a pair of khaki denims and a DIY belt made from a leather strap and velcro. Teejay made that one himself. "Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude""Prep Dude"

"Prep Dude"

We’re still experimenting with the blog and how we write our entries. So if you have any feedback, do give us your comments. Thanks!


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  1. Prince Adrian

    Reblogged this on ..Oh.So.Adrian.. and commented:
    Love the Aztec print on the shirt and the shade is ❤.

    May 28, 2013 at 11:55 am

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