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Flower Power

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

"Flower Power"

Your eyes are not deceiving you–yes, we have a girl!

It’s midway through Summer and the showers are starting to arrive–but not enough to take the heat away.

Naomi is pictured wearing a floral top from Bayo, a great way to be refreshing to the eyes–whether it’s swelteringly bright outside, or drearily gray because of the sudden rain.

Since we’re not completely out of the heat yet, Naomi here is wearing khaki shorts–which we’ve already mentioned goes great with anything. The one Naomi is pictured wearing comes from Landmark.

To complete the look, Naomi wears light ankle-high boots from Primadonna that are perfect for walking. Because it’s ankle-high, it’s not too hot–and yet still protects you against sudden floods!

And no female outfit is complete without something to hold things in, right? Naomi caps off her look with a shoulder bag from Our Tribe, something to carry your essentials in, whether it’s for school or for the office.

Is this a look you can see yourself in? Let us know in the comments!


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