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Stylin’ Stripes

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

"Stylin' Stripes"

And in keeping with the thin tee for the really hot Summer theme, here’s Teejay wearing Mick + Marty which, to be honest, I’m not really sure if it’s a Pinoy brand. That said, it’s only available in the Philippines (through Zalora), so I’m assuming it is.

Here, we partnered it with denim–but a light colored one! Funny how we never noticed the loose thread the whole shoot though. I was truly surprised when I saw it while resizing, cropping, adjusting the light, and adding the watermark. But I digress. Light colors help with the keeping cool part. Just pray that it doesn’t rain as, like I said in our previous post, denim is a good absorbent. The one Teejay wears here is from Uniqlo, but you can find like-colored denim (and chinos, you can also opt for chinos) in Bench, Penshoppe–even Freego!

The last part of the outfit is the shoes. Here we opted for boots from 21 Men. It’s good for the Philippines’ hot weather as it doesn’t trap heat inside. Unfortunately, the make of the shoes requires you to wear thick socks–and that traps heat. You can opt for similar boots, dessert boots, or chukkas from Milanos or Gibi. I don’t remember other local brands carrying boots, but I’m sure there are others…

What do you think of our look? Is it something you’d wear?


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