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It’s supposed to be Summer, and it does feel like Summer–but then we get a suddenly onslaught of rain out of nowhere. So what do we do? We partner up clothes that don’t usually fit together–like hoodies and shorts.

With this outfit, Teejay wears a knitted hoodie which keeps you warm when you’re in air-conditioned areas, as well as absorb most of the water when rain suddenly pours–but because it is knitted, when there’s a breeze–you feel it too. Unfortunately, it’s rare that we get knitted wear like this made in the Philippines. Unless you go to Baguio. And even then you might get one that’s knitted too tightly.

And when it gets a bit too hot, you can always unzip the hoodie–or take it off!






Now, let’s move on to the shirt–

It’s from Penshoppe and it’s part of the brand’s first wave of clothes with thin material. (Aside: First wave happened last year, so we don’t know if it’s still available.) Penshoppe is one of the few local brands that has tees that are thin enough for the current heat. Unfortunately, because of the material’s make, you have to be careful when washing it.

And because we’re trying to fight the heat, Teejay is wearing khaki swim shorts. You can also go for chinos (pants or shorts, doesn’t matter), so long as you avoid the heavy materials like denim and corduroy. Aside from absorbing heat, those two are also notorious at absorbing water. And when it rains, there’s gonna be water.

Being a tropical country, shorts of all kinds are available through pretty much all local brands.

To complete the look, and give it a personal touch, Teejay wore leather sneaks from Vans and jumpers.

What do you think about our answer to the wonky weather? Would you wear this look?


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